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Basics Field Properties Forms Queries
Column-Views Allow-Zero-Length Adding Action-Queries
Creating-a-New-Database Caption   Adding-and-Deleting-Fields
Creating-Tables Decimal-Places Conditional-Formating Calculated-fields
Editing-and-Deleting-Records Default-Value Create-a-form-with-the-Wizard Creating-a-query-in-design-view
Filtering-data Field-Properties Different-Ways-of-Control-Selection Creating-Select-Queries
Finding-Specific-Records Field-Size Editing-a-Form Join-Types
Sorting-a-table Input-Mask   Using-Query-Criteria
Starting-A Databese-2007 Lookups   Viewing-a-query-in-Design-View
The-Primary-Key Required    
What-is-A Database Unicode-Compression    

A database is a tool for collecting and organizing information. Databases can store information about people, products, orders, or anything else. Many databases start as a list in a word-processing program or spreadsheet. An Access database stores its tables in a single file, along with other objects, such as forms, reports, macros, and modules.

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